Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Question

Science + Religion

Most people think that science and religion contradict each other... either you believe in the Big Bang Theory or you believe that God created this world. I believe that God created this world using science. I think religion and science go hand in hand and because of that belief I have decided to do an experiment mixing the two.

Back in grade school I learned about the scientific method and I would like to use that method to solve the secret of life.

Happiness is the most sought after thing in this world. I think that happiness is a motivating factor in everyone's life, even if it is a subconscious motivator. I have found myself subconsciously searching for happiness by shopping, eating food, renting movies, watching tv, facebooking and many other avenues. All of these things make me feel good for the moment, but never last... if they did last I wouldn't have to repeat them over and over again, but I never just see one movie or eat just one oreo, because they leave me wanting. So I would like to figure out how to find that true happiness that lasts and I am going to use the following scientific method to accomplish it.

According to the scientific method I have to:
1. Ask a question
2. Do background research
3. Construct a hypothesis
4. Test hypothesis by doing an experiment
5. Analyze the data and draw a conclusion
6. Communicate the results

Step one, the question.

"How do I acheive happiness?"